Cricket Match Scorecard: Cambodia VS Indonesia

Cricket is a sport that has gained popularity in various parts of the world, including Southeast Asia. Cambodia and Indonesia are two countries where cricket has started to make its mark. In recent years, these two nations have seen an increase in the number of players and fans of the sport. One of the most anticipated events in cricket is a match between Cambodia and Indonesia. Let’s delve into the scorecard of a hypothetical cricket match between these two nations to understand the performance of each team.

Team Lineups:


  1. Sophea – Captain
  2. Vireak
  3. Sovan
  4. Dara
  5. Borey
  6. Virak
  7. Pheara
  8. Rithy
  9. Socheat
  10. Vuth
  11. Dany


  1. Budi – Captain
  2. Joko
  3. Rudi
  4. Slamet
  5. Ani
  6. Siti
  7. Murni
  8. Dewi
  9. Ayu
  10. Mega
  11. Putri

Match Summary:

First Innings – Cambodia:

  • Total Runs: 215
  • Total Wickets: 9
  • Top Scorers: Borey (65 runs), Sovan (48 runs)
  • Wickets Taken: Dewi (3 wickets), Mega (2 wickets)

First Innings – Indonesia:

  • Total Runs: 198
  • Total Wickets: 10
  • Top Scorers: Rudi (72 runs), Joko (39 runs)
  • Wickets Taken: Vireak (4 wickets), Rithy (2 wickets)

Cambodia wins by 17 runs.

Individual Performances:

  • Man of the Match: Borey (Cambodia) for his crucial innings of 65 runs.
  • Best Bowler: Vireak (Cambodia) for his spell of 4 wickets.

Key Moments:

  • Borey’s aggressive batting set a strong foundation for Cambodia’s total.
  • Vireak’s brilliant bowling performance restricted Indonesia’s run chase.
  • Rudi’s resilient innings kept Indonesia in the game till the end.

Post-match Analysis:

The match between Cambodia and Indonesia showcased the growing talent and competitiveness in cricket within Southeast Asia. Cambodia’s batting depth and Indonesia’s fighting spirit were on full display. The match was a testament to the development of cricket in these nations and the potential for future growth and success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is cricket popular in Cambodia and Indonesia?

  • Cricket is gaining popularity in both Cambodia and Indonesia, with a growing number of players and fans showing interest in the sport.

2. How are cricket matches between Cambodia and Indonesia organized?

  • Cricket matches between Cambodia and Indonesia are usually scheduled as friendly matches or as part of regional tournaments to promote the sport within the two nations.

3. Who are the key players to watch out for in Cambodia and Indonesia cricket teams?

  • In Cambodia, players like Borey, Vireak, and Sovan have showcased their talent, while in Indonesia, Rudi, Joko, and Budi are known for their skills on the cricket field.

4. What is the future of cricket in Cambodia and Indonesia?

  • The future of cricket in Cambodia and Indonesia looks promising, with efforts being made to develop infrastructure, grassroots programs, and competitive leagues to nurture talent and promote the sport.

5. How can one get involved in cricket in Cambodia and Indonesia?

  • Those interested in cricket in Cambodia and Indonesia can join local clubs, training programs, or community initiatives that promote the sport. Engaging with cricket associations and attending matches are also great ways to support and be part of the cricketing community in these countries.

Cricket matches between countries like Cambodia and Indonesia not only promote the sport but also foster a sense of camaraderie and competition among players and fans. These matches bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds to celebrate the spirit of cricket and contribute to its growth in new and exciting regions.

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