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The word “yung berg” literally means “black dog” and refers to a person who appears to be black, and has a white beard. The term has been used since the 1400s to refer to a black person with a white beard, so it’s not something that should be avoided.

The term berg is pretty self-explanatory, but the term berg is also used to describe a black dog. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a berg that isn’t black, so it would make sense that yung berg is a black dog.

Its also possible that some of yung bergs hair is black, but it also looks black. This happens a lot in real life, so I just use the term berg to describe a black dog.

This is a good use of the term berg, but its worth noting that when bergs are black they have more body hair. If you dont want your dog to be called yung berg, you could say its a black dog.

Also, bergs are dogs that have developed a taste for human flesh (or blood). Its been said that bergs have a taste for human flesh because its a lot like a taste for human blood.

The bergs that we know were created to consume human flesh and blood were originally called bergogs. bergs in the past were called bergwigs and bergbussers, although the latter term was more popular.

My second favorite berg is an almost entirely black dog. I think it is a bit better than our black dogs, but I doubt it.

You can try to get a few more bergs, and I think you’ll find a few more.

I know I am a bit obsessed with the idea of bergs. The one that has been around for ages is a tiny black dog. I think you should just buy one if you want one. They just look so cool.

The best time to buy a berg is when you have to go to the restroom. This is a great time to buy a berg because it is so safe. I think you won’t be able to use it if you are going to go to the bathroom because a berg is very, very dangerous.

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