Why Wedding Car Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Wedding Car
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A wedding car is the vehicle that takes the newly married couple to their reception. Wedding car are often available for rent locally and provide a way to arrive at the reception in style. There are different styles offered, such as limousines and vintage cars, and many offer amenities such as champagne, tastings of what will be served at your reception and so on.

What is the Wedding Car market worth?

The wedding car market is big. Last year, there were about 3.1 million cars rented for weddings, but there are still more to rent. The WeddingCarTrader.com reports about 50% of guests are married couples, are already parents and grandparents. These numbers are expected to stay the same in 2013 as well, which means the wedding car industry has good prospects for growth in 2013 too.

 How many wedding cars are there?

The wedding car market is quite small, but the number keeps growing because there are more weddings each year. The biggest wedding car companies are just not able to supply all of the demand, so the market continues to grow. That being said, American Wedding Car reports that about  of all weddings contain a wedding car, so there should always be a good supply. Why Wedding Car Had Been So Popular Till Now?

With many weddings being black tie, it’s easy to assume that this is the reason why there is a demand for wedding cars. However, this is just one of the reasons. Why do these people choose a wedding car?

It’s actually very simple. Here are some common reasons why wedding cars are used:

No one wants to have guests show up together so if you are renting a car they will have to pick it up at different stops along the way or rent several cars. A lot of people do not want their guests coming in separate cars so they choose to rent a car together.

Some couples do not have much in the way of cars so they rent one when their friends are coming. This is when people really need to rent a car together.

Some people don’t own cars, but rent them when they go on vacation. It’s easy to find a car rental company that will allow renters to take care of certain mileage requirements.They also let them take the car back without too much hassle.

The wedding industry is growing and there are more weddings each year which means more car rentals are needed.

When people get married, they want to get something new. How many people buy a second car just because the first one is the color of their favorite sports team? However, it can be hard to find a new car that you love and that works for your family. This is why wedding cars are so popular. They allow you to get a brand new car and stick with your traditional style of wedding at the same time.

When people choose wedding cars, they do so because they want to add on something special for their guests or themselves. It’s easy to add on some extras such as champagne and appetizers when you rent a wedding car. You can also treat yourself to some desserts or ice cream. With some proper planning, you can get your guests to take part in fun activities while they are at your reception.

Some people choose wedding cars because there aren’t parking spaces available for them or their guests. When you rent a car, you don’t have to worry about this problem.

How long do you need the wedding car?

You generally want your guests to arrive at your reception by 6:00 pm. However, even if 6:00pm is too early for them to get there on their own (or even during peak traffic hours), most people will do anything necessary to ensure that all of their guests arrive together.


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