Why Should I Ask a Courier to Pick Up My Parcel?


Is it necessary to deliver the goods promptly or do you have time to go to the delivery office? Do you want to entrust this work to an experienced courier? Meest will help you find a suitable courier within a minute and send your package on a coming day directly from your home in Canada. So, let’s find out how a Meest delivery service can pick up my parcel and deliver it to any corner of the world.

Who Is a Courier?

Courier delivery – your favorite parcel pickup service! You do not have to come to the delivery office to send documents, parcels, or cargo. Call the courier, specify the delivery address, and save your time.

When Would You Call a Courier to Pick Up a Parcel for Me?

Courier delivery is possible for any cargo, but most often, people send the following categories of goods from home:

  •  important papers and documents;
  • cosmetics;
  • clothes, shoes;
  • furniture pieces;
  •  other goods that can be considered easy to transport.

These days, various courier services differ depending on the speed of delivery, the type of shipment, and the specifications of the particular courier company.

How to Call a Meest Courier at Home?

You can only send a parcel if you register it on the Meest portal. You need to take a few simple steps to use a parcel pick-up from-home option:

  1. Go to the portal in your account or just register if you are the first time.
  2. Register your parcel.
  3. Specify the delivery date offered in the HOME PICK-UP BY CANPAR section.
  4. Pay for the package and wait for the barcode.
  5. The barcode must be pasted on the parcel before the arrival of the courier.
  6. The courier will pick up your package at the specified time.

There are several other reasons why courier services are more popular today than going to the delivery office and waiting in line.

Speed: This is one of the main advantages of courier services. You won’t have to waste time getting there if the office is far from you.

Preservation. You do not need to worry that something will happen to your mailing on the way to the post office. It is already registered on the site.

Reliability. When using courier services, there is no doubt that the shipment will reach the delivery service and be delivered to the addressee on time.

So, if you need to deliver a heavy load, transport is a problem. Or you just don’t have time to go to the delivery office – call a courier. He will arrive either on the day you specified or on the next working day. It is very convenient and hassle-free!


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