Why Is Cloud PACS So Famous?

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Cloud PACS is the next best thing in radiology because it gives you the power of a private cloud for your imaging.

It comes with a suite of powerful features for enterprise-level deployment, while still being compatible with all your existing devices, workflows and protocols. This means that you can easily run a PACS alongside your current equipment without having to completely change the way things are done. For example, if you need to order an MRI onsite instead of through removed, it’s only a push of a button away from your Cloud PACS system.

The Cloud PACS system comes with a powerful and robust set of features and capabilities, including:

• The ability to view and organize your radiology images online; the technology enables you to see, review and share your radiology images whenever you want – whether it’s at home or on the go.

One of the most powerful features is the ability to instantly share clinical information across different healthcare providers. What’s more, these images can even be shared between different locations – such as hospitals or medical centers.

Given that this is an online-based system, it also allows these information exchanges to happen much faster than they would if they were performed through traditional paper-based methods.

• The ability to print or fax images to your radiology department or hospital, using the same technology that makes it possible to view images online. With the Cloud PACS system, you can even have standard printed images printed at your home printer immediately after they’re viewed online; which means you don’t have to wait for them to be sent to the radiology department.

• The ability to use smartphones and tablets as a means of viewing and sharing medical information (such as radiology images) across different locations (for example, someone could view a patient’s X-ray image on their smartphone and instantly send it via email).

• The ability to make remote requests for radiology images without needing to physically access your PACS system (for example, someone could request an image from their personal device to be sent to another location).

• Security features that ensure that codes assigned for your radiology images are kept confidential. This means that only the codes assigned by or specific for that particular patient can be read or used; which gives you one of the most secure ways of viewing images.

This also means that no one can change, delete or copy these images – which means better security and protection from unauthorized access.

Cloud PACS systems give you control over who has access to your medical information. This means you can easily share or restrict access to your images to different groups. For example, you could make it only available for viewing only to the staff who are directly involved in the patient’s care; which would give you peace of mind knowing that no other people have access to your pictures.

Cloud PACS systems are fast, efficient and powerful. They’re able to store images within hours of being captured, which means that they can be viewed or shared almost instantly after being captured. As a result, patients’ medical information is able to be shared more quickly, safely and securely.

Each PACS system comes with state-of-the-art security features, which ensures that no unauthorized individuals have access to your information. This means that once this information is accessed, it can’t be read or tampered with by other people.

The CloudPACS system allows you to increase the speed at which you create reports so that medical data can be shared across different locations within healthcare facilities.

To learn how much all these benefits are able to help your business, take a look at how much your current equipment costs and compare that to what you can save with Cloud PACS.


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