Ways Education Brings Social Renovation

social renovation

Education is something which changes the lives of people because education brings knowledge and knowledge brings wisdom to a human. Our incarnation as human makes us different from animals and education makes us better human. A human who can cooperate, create and can facilitate. Education awakens our consciousness and makes us understand the difference between right and wrong. It gives life to our intellectuality and makes us stand in society as learned people who are respected and given proper importance due to this education. These days there are several types of learning processes existing in the education system and the education system has changed a lot as compared to earlier times. All such learning processes are directed to the school information management system. It is so because the school information management system makes a loop between all the necessary departments of the school management. Today most facilitative methods of learning are running in the education market, among which online learning is there too. Like our villages which were completely backward as compared to urban areas have reached almost every facility due to education and globalization. Villagers when they get education they come to know that even in their village lifestyle so much has been invented to help them and make their life easy. 

Education increases the mental ability which in turn changes the way one thinks, it has the capacity to change failure into success and weakness into strength.  It is just like attendance management software as attendance management software converts weakness of data related to attendance into strength and resource of measuring learning interest of the students. This results in the change in the pattern of human relationship with society and brings drastic change in the means of development. Education system and the changed induced by it has given us many great scholars who brought vast change in our society like Raja Ram Mohan Roy changed the conservative thought of the society by removing baseless customs like Sati Pratha and Untouchability, Sir Rabindra Nath Tagore inspired people for literature and social reform, Swami Vivekanand created a society which can change the mentality of the people and directed society towards education and knowledge. All these reformers of the past and those who are present always advocated the necessity of a proper educational framework. For just 1 good vacant position in any reputed company 1000 resumes and applications are there and, in such a situation, selection is done on the basis of experience and good education level. Although with correct qualification and education certainty of finding a good job increases, a good education level is a prime source of getting good employment. And when the question arises of how to achieve a good job among such a huge number of applicants, the answer comes from a good level of education. As discussed in the above point the good level of education provides a good job and secures the future with a good employment level but there is one more concern related to it which often bothers applicants and that is remuneration. This matter gets resolved with the level of education. The higher one achieves in education, the higher he will get paid as per the designation. That is why for this purpose students need to leave laziness behind and work hard and harder, day and night without stopping and leave no stone unturned in order to get higher education and achieve a high salaried job and employment.

The best reason to attain education is that education is that medium which changes your level and methodology of thinking and dealing with the. If a student goes through a proper channel of education and a good level of tutors educated him, a system of critical thinking and logical thinking develops in the students itself. A human being has a lot of problems in life like house loans, study loans of kids, irritating neighbours and a lot of emotional distress, but among all these problems the solutions come from the wisdom earned by education only. Education empowers the mind to solve any kind of problem and issues in life. Education is a responsible medium of transmission of cultural heritage. New generation never accepts everything from the previous society. New generation takes those basics from the society which can be reformed later with the help of new knowledge and information. New generation grabs only helpful and those social and intellectual elements which are strong and full of strength and can survive in any age so that with their new and innovative ideas the new generation can make progressive changes in society.


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