Understanding different types of chronic pain and possible treatments


It is essential to understand what causes chronic pain and possible therapies that can help ease it out to treat chronic pain. There are three popular types of chronic pain. You can say chronic pain is a kind of pain that lasts more than three months. Sometimes you cannot find a known cause for chronic pain; however, it is the after-effect of an accident or prolonged illness. It is impossible to ease chronic pain through home remedies, and you must go to a pain specialist to get it treated. 

Primarily expert’s club two types of chronic pain one are nociceptive pain, and the other is neuropathic pain.

When any pain lasts for a long duration, it might lead to alterations in the spinal cord and how your brain might receive pain signals. Chronic pain can also affect your nervous system, resulting in severe pain attacks that are hard to treat. At times chronic pain becomes so problematic and debilitating that it might lead to depression and other psychological disorders.

Neuropathic pain

Neuropathic pain is a kind of chronic pain due to nerve damage or tissue injury. It is less of a physical injury, and it is more of damage to the nervous system. Since there is damage to the nerve fibers, it changes its function and sends incorrect signals to the human mind. Due to the malfunction of the nerve fibers, these signals are faulty, and they transmit pain signals causing pain issues and depression.

The human body consists of nerves that lead to the peripheral nervous system. Chronic pain happens when the nerves in your body get injured or damaged due to disease. Mostly it is due to diabetes, but it becomes tough most of the time to determine the possible cause of the pain.

Nociceptive Pain

It is a pain due to inflammation of a body part or any injury, and it can also be due to some physical pressure. Depending on the source of the pain, it can further get categorized into two different parts.

It is a kind of pain that can cause mechanical or physical damage to several body parts. 

Somatic Pain

Somatic pain is any pain you would witness in your face, legs, tendons, muscles, arms, and other irrelevant human body areas. It is the kind of pain that creates a throbbing sensation, and it is more like an ache or a sharp pain. Nerve tissues under the muscles or skin detect somatic pain.

Visceral pain

You can detect visceral pain in the internal organs that contain several sensory nerves to transmit signals to the brain tissue right after an injury. Hence, it is a kind of pain usually caused due to constipation, cancer, a stomach infection, or even internal bleeding. Visceral pain is not something you will see in the affected area sometimes. You can see it in other parts, known as referred pain. 

Nowadays, many therapies can help treat chronic pain without undergoing surgery or extreme medications. You can get in touch with experts at QC Kinetix (Mars) near Pittsburgh for adequate pain treatment. 

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