The Truth About the Massage Gun Industry

Massage Gun

Are you ready to learn the truth about the massage gun industry?

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of how great these massage guns are. They’re so popular because they provide deep relaxing pressure, so much so that many people use them at home to relieve tension after a long day at work or school. But do you know who really makes these devices? And what are their real benefits? Well, if you’re curious about any of this, just read on and I’ll reveal all my findings in this blog post! The Massage Gun industry has become big business lately, with reports that it grew by over 30 percent in just one year. They come in different shapes and sizes but all follow similar marketing tactics. For example, think about the name massage guns. What do you think it means? Is it because they are so powerful that they can “massage” your muscles? Or because their name sounds so fun and interesting to the general consumer? Well, let me tell you this. Those are NOT the reasons why massagers are popular. We’d all love for them to be powerful but there’s actually a much more compelling reason why people choose massage guns over traditional spas, which are full of water jets, hot tubs, hydrotherapy pools, etc., plus they cost an arm and a leg.

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I want to share a shocking experience with you. I was doing some research the other day and I came across a website from an online retailer for massage guns. To be honest, I was shocked at what I discovered. The first thing I noticed was the homepage, where it said something like this: “Massaging your back can be a pain. Unless you have a massage gun to do it for you. The massage gun is a natural extension of your body and can be used as a tool for many other types of massages. The massage gun provides targeted pressure that is both safe and effective.” It also had images of people enjoying themselves with their massage guns. I thought, “Aren’t you being a little bit hyperbolic?” But then I kept reading and the content got more and more disturbing.

For example, there was a very long article about why a massage gun is a great product, followed by several testimonials from people who swear by them. Here’s one from someone named Lillian: “I have been experiencing pain in my neck for about three months now that has been plaguing me. I went to the doctor who said it was normal for me to feel pain because of my age. But I didn’t like that answer and I wondered why I had such pain in the first place. So, I looked online and found a massage gun. And it really saved me because the device has been giving me great results and has really made a big difference in my life.”

Moving on to other sections, there were several articles explaining how the massage gun works and why it’s so great for different areas: face, arms, legs, etc. The other thing that caught my attention was this “dictionary” of massage gun lingo used by those who write about these devices. When you read through it, you see that massage gun is simply a synonym for massage. But this word and others like it are used so often and in so many different ways that it would seem dishonest to not at least mention them. One place I saw this on was in the form of the “The massage gun is an extension of your body” section.

See, the thing about massage is that it’s something people do with their bodies for health purposes on a regular basis, whether they are at home or at a spa. But the massage gun industry is selling devices that help you relax after a long day at work or school . . . are they really helping what are supposed to be health concerns? And if so, how? What’s so great about giving yourself a massage with a podgy piece of plastic that costs less than twenty dollars?

The bottom line is that these devices are being thrust upon unsuspecting people who have no idea what they’re really getting into. When I first discovered this, I was shocked at how many people were being convinced by these marketing tactics. Then I realized that politicians and companies had also taken the massage gun path to find out what the masses valued— the masses mindlessly believe anything on television, radio, or in print. And because of this, massage gun manufacturers are using very dubious marketing strategies to reel in more customers.


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