The Birth and Development of a Project


The development of a project is the process of how an idea, product or service gets created. It begins with the initiation of an idea and ends with delivery after all expenses are paid. This includes everything from business plans to marketing campaigns to developing new products for sale or service. The creation of something can be complicated and time-consuming, but this article will give you pointers from The Hit-Men Site on holding your own development process to make it easier.

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The four elements of a project are:  

  1.         The Idea
  2.         The Business Plan
  3.         Marketing Campaigns & Public Relations
  4.         Measuring Performance & Getting Clients 

The Idea

This is what started the project, usually because you have an idea for a new product or service that needs development before it can be made available for sale or service to your customers. I think that’s pretty obvious, but it should go without saying that this element of the project must be the last element to be developed because any previous elements have already been developed by other people or organizations in their fields of interest, so they cannot help you with your ideas.

Anyhow, the idea could be anything from a new product line to an improved service; it can be something that we don’t even know what we’re doing yet and won’t until we get there.

The Business Plan

The business plan is a written document that describes the steps necessary for development and delivery. It summarizes the previous elements of the project, such as the idea and marketing campaign. The plan gives you a framework for dealing with all of these elements along with all their related aspects such as pricing, distribution, marketing and customer support.

Marketing Campaigns & Public Relations

This is what will make or break your project before it can go into development. You have to put your best foot forward here to get what you want, so everything you do must be professional and well thought out. The marketing campaign begins with a strategy in place to promote your idea in a way that will capture the attention of a target audience. This is where a Public Relations company or Marketing Agency comes in handy because they have already done this for their clients and have the experience needed to market.

Measuring Performance

The last thing that you need to do before getting into development is to measure the performance of your idea and marketing campaign. This test will show you how much money was made, if it worked and how well it worked. The measurement process may involve a survey and/or dashboard analysis.

Getting Clients

This is where we get into the nitty-gritty of business development. You need to start by finding out who all the players in the industry are and who your competitors are. You can figure out your competitors by using public records such as Internet search engines such as Yahoo! or Google, the Yellow Pages, trade magazines, newspaper articles or even social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Once you have located your competitors and the players in the industry, get to know them better by approaching them and asking questions or making phone calls to get to know their interests and personalities. Then start building relationships with people that will eventually become potential customers of your product or service.

Develop your own software or service

Once you have found a little niche that has not been filled in yet in your industry, then you can start looking into getting some business. It’s easier said than done, but if you do it right, this is how it will happen. Research the various software out there for managing accounting processes and take what you need from each one until you find something small enough to make work for your niche. Then you can develop your own software or service that addresses it’s specific needs. You could even sell the software without the database to people in need of it, but that would be unethical.

After you have developed your product or service, then it’s time for delivery. Once you’ve done that, then you can begin to develop your marketing campaign. Keep in mind that the delivery of the product or service is what will bring in customers, so nothing comes before that. That process can take anywhere from a few months to years depending on how much time is needed to develop the product or service and build up sufficient sales volume before delivering it to buyers.

Learning curve 

For anyone looking for help with their project, you will find what you need right here at my blog. I am not affiliated with any of these companies in any way, so I’m just giving information on how one would go about developing a project. Each of these companies has their own process for site development and they are all wonderful in their own way… But there is no one free source for how to do this stuff, because each company has its own way of doing things. There is always a learning curve involved when you start developing your site and then your business, but the reward is in the end when you get to sell your finished product or service and actually make money.




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