Software Selection Process and Criteria

Software Selection

When it comes to selecting the right software, the two most important things to consider are the processes of your business and the human factor. There are numerous types of programs that can help you grow or at least make it easier to do business. It may be difficult to find the right software for your firm if you are doing it for the first time but there is some valuable information online you can use.

Identify Your Needs

Every startup or a large company has its processes which are either set up by the founder, or the management team. Going through these operations will help you determine what your priority is and what should be at the bottom of the list. For example, if one of them is related to marketing, you would look for an application or program that will help you manage it better.

Another thing you need to determine is how far you want to go into the operations. There’s a broad explanation of what you are doing when it comes to marketing, for example, doing Facebook ads. So, you can find software that will run it for you but there are also some that will go into details and work with the leads.

When you know which process should be updated first, you can compile a list of what parts of it have the most issues. This will help you later on when you are deciding between two programs. The best software for marketing doesn’t mean it will be great for you. Maybe you don’t have any issues but you’ll have to pay a lot to use it.

Talk To Your Team

Once you know what you are going to look for, the next step should be to talk to your team about it. The reason why your employees or management needs to know about the upcoming changes is that they might help you out. People working for a certain company know the best what is holding them behind and what they would love to change.

The problem might be the communication with the employees so make sure you are on good terms with them. Ask them about the things you would want to change and hear them out. If they will be the ones using the program, they would need to go through the trial period and provide feedback.

Before the trial period, you would need to do your own research and check software reviews in order to make the right choice. When you know what the management thinks and what you need to fix, you can then set the budget and see what the market has to offer.

Figuring Out the Budget

You shouldn’t have a fixed amount of money you are willing to spend on certain software because they might come with packages or additional fees. The price will vary a lot depending on the features they have which means that that’s the first factor to consider. The features you need should be the same they have to offer and it shouldn’t exceed them because you will end up paying more.

Paying for a package is a great option if you can turn off the deal whenever you like. Depending on the program, they might offer a certain price per number of employees. This type of adaptability is very beneficial if you have a lot of employees and when you operate on a higher level.

Finding a Good Information Source

The next step would be to find a reliable source that will help you select a few options. The best way to do it is to have an employee or a friend that is very familiar with the industry and applications that can help you out. This isn’t the situation in most cases, so you will have to turn to other sources like review websites.

After searching, for example, for top team management applications, make sure that the website you visit has a great reputation and doesn’t promote programs without mentioning it. There are plenty of websites that are being paid to promote a certain program which the visitor doesn’t know.

Their rank on Google and if they have a great community is a good indication of a website that you can trust. The reason why you should give it a chance is that they have done their research which saves your time and money. But, that isn’t the end of your search because you will have plenty of options available.

Comparing Software

Comparing two programs can be done just by checking their features and reading a review about them or you can do it yourself. The first one will take less time but you won’t have the insight yourself. If the person doing the review has done it properly, you will have enough knowledge to determine if you are going to try it out.

Large corporations have teams that are doing these reviews but they have a large budget for it. So, having a reliable review source can mean a lot. Remember that the software doesn’t need to have everything that the market expects instead it should solve your problems. This will help you cut down the cost and it will be easier to find what you want.

Trying the Software

After you found the one you need or compiled a list of potential candidates, you should have a trial option. This is very important because you wouldn’t want to pay in advance for something that won’t help you enough. If you find what you like, try to contact them through their website and check if they can give you a month’s trial.

Organize the people that will teach your employees how to use the program and check how they are progressing. This part is very crucial because it will be a deciding factor if you will go with it or find a better option. Of course, everything depends on how complex the program is and what is expected to solve. For some programs, a trial period won’t help because you won’t need it or it will take time to see results.

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