Should You Hire Someone With A Previous DWI Case


The success of a company depends on a skilled and capable workforce. On one end, you need to keep on hiring the most skillful writers. On the other, you neeed to train your workforce. 

This maintains equanimity and a strong platform when it comes to team strength. Policies also run a company. You simply can not run wild, throwing humanity into the dust bin. 

Now framing a workforce policy requires good knowledge and skills. You need to find a dwi lawyer to assist you in this regard.

In this article, we will discuss a sensitive topic, the recruitment of an employee with a previous DWI case.

Company Recruitment Policy 

This section indirectly links the question, so it requires a discussion. Besides newcomers, companies must also recruit a skilled workforce. 

A skilled workforce offers you lots of positives when it comes to outputs. A company generally recruits young talent.

They have high motivation, and they easily fit into the system. However, they are inexperienced and need sound training before putting them with responsibilities.

Along with newcomers, a company must also take into account the experience of an employee. 

Experienced employees are good enough to provide you with the skills and expertise that you are searching for.

Hire Or Not Hire Them: What Things To Consider?

When you are hiring an employee, look at the DWI details. This will help you make decisions on the question.

1. Mistakes Can Be Made In Dui Cases

There is a difference between someone blowing 0.08% blood alcohol content and 0.12% blood alcohol content.

There are separate laws and penalties associated with these. In the second instance, the individual displayed a poor sensibility despite knowing the capacity it resorted to over limits.

So consider this while making your decision. Go for 0.08% and discard the 0.12%; there might be some issue with discipline.

There are legal corridors you need to pass, and it’s better to consider a criminal defense attorney kansas city for help and assistance. 

2. Must Allow The Candidates To Prove Innocence

This is a humanitarian point of view that you can not simply sideline. Have a one-to-one interview, and try to know the circumstance and situations that cost DWI. Understand the situation.

It’s better to provide the candidate with a chance; who knows if he/she turns out to be highly resourceful. Why not if a person turns out to be a good fit for your organization.

3. Requesting References

If you are calling company references and inquiring about character, you must look towards work ethics.

If you know that the candidate is filled with potential but unfortunately fell into the category of a first criminal offense, better you take him/her. It will be a great addition to the team for sure.

4.DUIs: Don’t Discriminate!

There are hundreds of instances that the companies are blindly discriminating against people. You need to consider this to the utmost.

If a candidate has the first DWI charge, it should not be treated too deeply. You all know that considering the past history is one of the most important elements of recruitment policies.

There is a legal perspective to it. You could discuss criminal defense attorney Kansas city on these matters while framing recruitment policies. 

What Do Federal, State, And Local Laws Say?

You are preparing an employment policy. Do you know what State has to stay in the regard?

The Enforcement Guidance on the Consideration of Arrest Conviction Records in Employment Decisions under Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act is scanned thoroughly by the US Equal Employment Commission

They are not happy, and they recommend that companies must not outrightly strip off the right to employment of an individual. These practics go antithetical to the norms and practices of Democracy and equal opportunity for all. 

There must be some sort of transparency that the employers must follow while recruiting employees with previous DWI records.


You need to abide by the company policies in recruiting the people. Don’t disregard talent and experience while recruiting people. If there is a first conviction of DWI, try to act with leniency.

Remember that you can not sacrifice humanity blatantly to save your company’s reputation. 

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