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The industry of Sell backlinks has been around for more than a decade and it’s had more than enough time to grow and prosper. In short, it works by paying content publishers to publish links from their site back to yours. Of course, there are some clear benefits for both parties involved. The publisher gets a link that could help them climb the ladder of Google rankings, while the website ranking at number one gets traffic that may then convert into new customers or leads. The result is a win-win.

But where does it work best? Here are some factors which you need to consider before making that decision.

1. Number of Backlinks Requests that You Can Send

While the number of backlinks you can get is not the only determining factor for ranking on Google, it sure can help. When you have more backlinks it helps to build more credibility for your website which again, could boost your chances of ranking on Google’s first page of search results. The larger the number of requests, the better chance you have of constructing a more credible profile.

2. Backlinks Quality

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to determining link quality, websites that rank high on Google’s first page of search results tend to use links as a way of telling other websites that they are credible and as such worthy of attention. The fact that they have received links from another website that ranks well on Google’s first page gives these websites more credibility than those who haven’t.

3. One-Sided vs. Two-Sided Link Building

Google does not like one-sided link building. It is considered a deceptive way of attracting links and Google has been known to penalize websites and websites that engage in such practices. However, this is more of a ‘you should never do this’ guideline rather than a ‘don’t do it’ guideline. That said, Google does not like the techniques that we use to get backlinks as these could become one-sided as well, but as long as there are no paid placements involved it’s fine.

4. Backlink Formula

Here’s where things can get a little confusing. There are many different link-building methods out there and it has been argued that they all work for some websites, but not for others. This could be because of the type of industry you are in or your website’s niche, but if you want to rank on Google you need to make sure that the link-building campaign you choose works for your site. If it doesn’t, then it will fail and you’ll end up running out of ideas.

5. Re-Targeting

There is a re-targeted backlink which is also referred to as anchor text rejuvenation. This is a link-building method where you get other websites to re-target a link, but this time with a different anchor text. There are several ways for this to be done. One way is through forum posting while another way is through article writing, but you also have the option of sending your backlinks to others and asking them to re-target them with different anchor texts. The idea here is that you create more credibility for your website.

6. Lists

Google has lists of websites that they trust, they call it authority websites, and these are usually listed on their first page. If a site makes it onto a list, then it means that they have established a certain quality.

7. Craigslist

There are many different types of backlinks you can use. For example, you can get bloggers to post links on their blog or on their website, but then there are the places that Google doesn’t pick up. You see, Google looks at the content of your article, and depending on what it is about, they will rank it accordingly. Craigslist is one of the websites which tends to have a lot of anchors text in them because they are classifieds sites. You can use this to your advantage by posting an ad with anchor text links to your website, this way you’ll be able to generate some backlinks for your site without having people actually visit it first.


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