Scalene Triangle – Definition & Examples

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Triangles are figures with three sides. These sides can be equal or different in measurement. When people picture triangles, the images of triangles with at least two sides that are equal length come into their mind; this isn’t always the case with triangles. For example: scalene triangles are triangles in which all three sides are of different lengths. The three angles within scalene triangles are also of different measures.

Examples of Triangles In Real Life

 Let’s go through 10 examples of the scalene triangles in real life:-

1. Roof Trusses – Roof trusses are constructed in the shape of scalene triangles and it ensures an even distribution of force.

2. Ramps – Have you ever had to move heavy boxes or other heavy luggage? Do you love to skateboard? Ramps are a useful part of our day-to-day life.

3. Cranes – Cranes feature the scalene triangle shape. The long end of the triangle gives the crane greater reach. This shape gives the crane structure strength to ensure that it can lift heavy objects.

4. Truss Bridges – The beams are arranged in triangle shapes to ensure an even distribution of weight throughout the bridge. These triangles also allow for the construction of rigid structures that span several kilometers.

5. Bicycle Frame – Do you love cycling? Then take a close look at the frame of your bicycle it will most likely feature a scalene triangle as a dominant part of its body.

6. Sails on Boats – Sailboats often raise sails that are in the shape of scalene triangles. The sides of the sails have different lengths and the triangular shape of the sail helps boats sail upwind more easily. It also makes it possible to make use of half winds. The winds are blowing at 90 degrees to the boat. 

7. A Slide – Slides in playgrounds are quite popular with kids and it is fun to fly down the slide and clamber back up the ladder to slide back down. The structure of a slide forms a scalene triangle with the longer arm forming the actual slide. This shape gives the slide a rigid structure and it also ensures for the children to slide safely down. The structure is also replicated in water slides too.

8. Auto Frames – These triangles are used to construct rigid and strong structures that can withstand external forces such as wind or impact from physical objects. It also helps to distribute weight more evenly across the vehicle’s frame.

9. Triangle Gates – Triangle gates in commercial areas are often in the form of scalene triangles and the structures are light and easy to manipulate. It takes up a small space but is quite strong and they feature in commercial parking lots such as at shopping malls.

10. Stair Banisters – It is designed to make ascending and descending staircases safe. It follows the gradient of the staircase and often forms a scalene triangle as a result.

Acute Triangle

Scalene triangles can be acute triangles where three interior angles measure less than ninety degrees. Have you ever thought that you can see scalene triangles and acute triangles in our daily life too. To learn about this topic in a fun and practical way, you can visit Cuemath.

Acute Angles in Real Life

  • The angle made in the letter V is an acute angle.
  • Usually, when we slice a pizza into four or more slices, each slice of a pizza makes an acute angle.
  • The wall clocks hand make acute angles at several hours of a day.
  • “One Way” and “No Left Turn” road signs show an acute angle.

As you can see scalene triangles and acute triangles in our day-to-day lives. You can find them all around you. So, now you go and find out how many scalene triangles and acute triangles you have got around you. 

If you want to learn more about the topic, you can visit the Cuemath website.


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