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RAM Dealers

RAM is ranked as the number two truck brand in the US. The company was able to sell 703,023 units in 2019. A RAM truck is the best option if you want a vehicle that can carry passengers and cargo. However, if you are going to buy a RAM pickup, you will get the best options at RAM dealers in Jacksonville. 

Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida, with a land area of 747.00 square miles. It has more than 500 neighborhoods. Hence, it would be best if you were looking for a car dealership near your home or office. Buying a pickup truck means several visits to the dealership until the pickup truck keys are handed over to you. 

Here are some tips for finding RAM dealerships near you.

Use the Internet 

Jacksonville city has an internet subscription rate of 85.8%. Today, many customers use the internet for research purposes when buying a car. They find out the available options, different price ranges, and all the offers from the dealers. Hence, car dealers invest in maintaining an optimized presence on the web. 

If you use keywords like “ram dealers in Jacksonville near me,” the search engine will list dealers closest to your location. The search results will also provide information like the dealership’s website, their working hours, contact numbers, and the address needed to visit the dealership in person. 

Now the question is what you should ask the dealer? Most buyers ask some common questions when they buy pickup trucks from dealers. 

What Does Your Inventory Include?

Census data indicates Jacksonville city has an estimated population of 949,611. 

Some car dealerships only deal in new Ram pickup trucks, while some deal in used cars. When searching for keywords like “ram dealers in Jacksonville near me,” select RAM dealers who offer both. A car dealership offering certified used cars and new cars will have a more extensive inventory. In other words, you will have many options in your budget. 

Can You Trade Your Old Car for New One?

Some RAM dealers allow buyers to trade their old cars for new RAM pickup trucks. The exchange scheme is known as the Kelly Bluebook Instant Cash Offer scheme. To avail of this scheme, you have to provide details about your old car like Model, Make, Year of Manufacture, and Trim level. You also need to provide a VIN in this scheme.

What Are Certified Used Vehicles?

Experts thoroughly inspect a certified used vehicle. The car is then refurbished to perfection by professionals. Many people say buying a certified used vehicle is as good as buying a new one because it comes with a warranty for a limited period from the dealer.

Another advantage of buying a certified used vehicle is the cost. A certified used car is available at a significantly lower price than what you would pay for a new car with the same make and model. When buying a certified vehicle, always buy from a reliable car dealer. 

What Vehicle Protection Plans Do You Offer?

Car is one of the most significant investments you will make, and you should take a protection plan to secure your investment. Leading car dealers offer vehicle protection plans like vehicle service contracts, road hazard and tire, guaranteed asset protection, appearance protection, paintless dent repair, and cosmetic wheel coverage. 

Here is the information about what each vehicle protection plan includes. 

  • Vehicle Service Contracts – The vehicle service contract is a kind of extension of the coverage plan. Car manufacturers offer a limited warranty on their new vehicle for 36 months or 36,000 miles. The vehicle service contract kicks in when the manufacturer warranty ends. It takes away the worries of the service expenses of your car. 
  • Road Hazard Protection Plan – Your RAM truck’s tires and wheels are always at risk on the road. Your tires or wheels can suffer from unexpected damage from a piece of glass, road debris, potholes, or any other object. The damage caused can be inconvenient and costly. The road hazard tire and wheel coverage will protect you from expensive repairs to your wheels and tires.  
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection – If your pickup gets stolen and is never retrieved by police, the insurance company will only pay the car’s value. If you owe more than the pickup truck’s value, the guaranteed asset protection will pay the remaining amount for the vehicle. 
  • Appearance Protection – Everyday usage of your pickup causes wear and tear to the exterior and interior of the car. The result is low car value. The appearance protection plan will keep your car looking good inside and outside and help you get good resale value for your pickup.    
  • Paintless Dent Repair – Even during normal usage, it is challenging to avoid dents in your pickup, and you are bound to have a few in a year or more. With paintless dent repair, you do not have to worry about dents because the dealer will fix the dents and restore the car’s appearance like new.

When purchasing a new or used pickup truck from a RAM dealer, as a buyer do ask these questions and make an informed decision.

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