Preparing For GAMSAT Exams, Where to Begin?

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If you are taking GAMSAT 2022 exam, you have to start preparing for it at least 2 or 3 months before the exam. There is no one way to start preparing for your exam. Every student has a plan which they follow to prepare for their exams. You can also create a study plan for yourself. 

Organization of Syllabus

Make a list of all the topics that you have to study. Make a separate list for each subject. Mark the points on the list you know well, start by revising the easy topics first, and then dive into the arduous chapters. 

Once you have organized your topics in the form of lists and difficulty levels, now divide them into days. Make sure that you have enough time to revise all chapters thrice. The final revision will not take you much time. Print your lists and schedule and paste them in front of your study area to stay motivated.

Practice Reading Difficult Texts 

Many students take the reading section easy, but the kind of reading you have to do in a GAMSAT is different from reading outside the GAMSAT context. You have to prepare your brain for the difficulty level of the GAMSAT exam. You can read the newspaper’s comment sections, such as The Guardian

Reading newspapers will help you prepare your brain for an arduous reading exam, and you will get good points for your essay sessions. 

Read new editions of research articles if you want to prepare your essays and write points and arguments in a notebook. You can read a few sample reading questions and practice them before your exam.

Invest in Guides

If you have no idea what you have to study for the GAMSAT, you must invest in GAMSAT guides. If you do not know which book you should get, ask people on GAMSAT forums and other platforms. There are many GAMSAT guides that you can buy online, but you should buy the one that most students trust or recommend.

You can also buy a guide with online notes or other GAMSAT-related resources. Watch an informative video online, preferably of a person who passed the exam, and start from there.

Plan Your Essays

Essay papers can be complicated for many students. In GAMSAT, you have to write two essays in one hour. Essay A is an objective essay, and essay B is subjective. You have to plan arguments or points for essay A. Make a list of attributes before you start writing about a subject. 

Align the informative points in a meaningful way. Write an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, then write a passage for each issue or argument and conclude the essay in the last section. 

Solve Practice Questions

You can get practice questions for all sections online. Solving practice questions can be a practical thing to do. When you practice questions, your mind prepares itself for similar questions. 

If you do not want to be surprised in the examination hall, you must start solving practice questions today.

Discussion With Peers

If you are cramming all the information you are supposed to know, you may not be able to solve the GAMSAT appropriately. To clear your concepts, discuss them with your peers. A good discussion will help you comprehend your topics and help you solve questions more confidently.


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