national academy of health & business


The national academy of health & business has done an amazing job of lobbying the government in Britain and it’s not going away anytime soon. The National Academy of Health and Business is extremely concerned with the way that British healthcare costs are being used to fund military spending and other issues they feel are not being properly addressed. We were given a chance to speak to one of their most recent leader, Dr Ben Maynard, who elaborated on how we can use technology to address these issues.

In Japan, there were 16 public high schools. But in 2016, there were only 6 public high schools left. Recognizing this problem of unequal access to education, the national academy of health and business undertook a study to create new school systems for implementing primary and secondary education in this country. The new school system will address these two directly as well as its partners’ concerns through the creation of four “coaches” who shall be required to lead the mission from within each school system. The national academy of health & business was formed with an aim to create a new generation of leaders in the field of public education which better suits the needs of citizens and society at large.

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