How to write selling texts on Instagram to increase the number of sales and get a lot of likes?


If you run a business on Instagram or develop a personal brand like an influencer, you know that not only the picture is important, but also the selling text. Such posts allow you to introduce a potential customer to your products or services. But their main goal is to get a response from the audience and increase activity on the page, which helps in business development.

Despite this name, such posts are not a banal way of selling. The expected response may be familiarity with the product, subscription to the newsletter or a simple comment that will affect the account statistics.

A high-quality text forces the reader to do what you ask him to do and contributes to an increase in sales and applications. Of course, you can always contact a specialist who will write a good post, but this can hit the budget unpleasantly. It is better to learn it yourself, and invest part of the budget for promotion in an effective way and buy Instagram likes.

We have prepared some tips that will help you in writing selling texts on Instagram.

Follow the classic proven formula.

The simplest and most reliable option is to write a text using a ready-made template. It was developed specifically for business owners and escorts who are promoted on platforms. Posts written according to this scheme are time-tested and bring good results to the authors.

The classic selling text consists of several parts :

1. Capture the reader’s attention. By default, the first three lines of the post are displayed on the site. This means that literally in 1-2 sentences you need to be able to interest the user. If the lines are unconvincing or boring, the person will not read the post to the end and scroll through the tape further. Use bold, provocative questions that can respond to the reader. “Can’t find the perfect costume for walking around the city?” “Tired of working days?” – excellent examples of titles that can attract the attention of users.

2. Arouse interest. When you have engaged the reader with a good title, he opens the post and begins to study it. In order not to disappoint a potential client, give him interesting information that may be useful. Tell us about amazing facts or provide research data that are related to the subject of your profile.

3. The story. When the reader is interested and does not switch his attention to another publication, you can start a story about your products or services. In this part of the text, it is necessary to correctly list the positive qualities, properties, main characteristics and advantages over competitors.

4. Limit the time for reflection. A potential buyer should not have time to make a purchase decision for a long time. If he doesn’t do it immediately after reading it, you can assume that you have missed a client. Even if the user likes and saves the post, it is unlikely that he will return to it again. For this reason, it is important to limit the number of products and the time to purchase them as much as possible. Encourage action here and now.

5. A call to action. It is in this block that you can ask to leave a comment, like the publication, go to the site, and so on.

Give up the obvious sales. Your post should be fascinating and interesting. It makes no sense to shout that you have a lucrative offer that has never been offered to anyone. For most users, social networks are a place for recreation and entertainment and you have to meet this requirement. Try to present the information in a humorous way or get interested in unique facts that they haven’t heard about yet. It is important that after reading it, users do not have the feeling that they have spent time on a lifeless advertising booklet. The less the selling text looks like a commercial offer, the more response you can get. If this doesn’t work, you can always use the proven method and buy real Instagram likes. This will have a great effect on the channel’s statistics and in the future it will be possible to promote the page using organic methods. But be careful when making a purchase. Some companies may be unscrupulous and sell you hearts from fake accounts. Read reviews and analyze the work of the service so that this does not happen.

Indicate what action the reader should take. Any selling text has a specific purpose, but not every potential customer understands what is wanted from him. If you do not give a clear guide to action, you may lose customers. Be sure to tell them what actions need to be done. Your instructions should be short and clear and not take up most of the post. And the main rule: 1 text – 1 action.

High-quality text is just one of the components for successful promotion on the site. Instagram remains a visual platform where the quality of the picture or video plays an important role. In order for a publication to attract attention, it must be visually good. The unique designed color scheme and high-quality selling text will help increase the number of sales and make the company recognizable.


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