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Roof Replacement

There are Roof Replacement Company specializes in installing roofs. They are one of the best roof replacement companies in Phoenix, Arizona. Roof Replacement Company has been on top of the roofing industry for years and provides its customers with reliable and comprehensive services. They have specialized crews on-site to provide fast service and quality workmanship to all homeowners in the Phoenix area.

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The Roof Replacement Company was founded by Jeremy Bertholf back in 2006 when he moved into the construction business with his cousin in Atlanta, Georgia. Jeremy had just moved from Florida and was looking to make a living in the construction industry. Immediately after being hired by his cousin, he was sent to the roofing department where he began his training as a roofer. Jeremy started climbing up the ladder of success quickly because of his hard work and determination. He didn’t quit until he reached the top and established himself as one of the best roof replacement companies in Atlanta, Georgia.

A few years later, Jeremy made a mistake that many business owners face at some point in their lives when they start to receive too much attention. He was blinded by his pride and believed that Roof Replacement Company would be successful no matter where it was located because they were doing great things in Atlanta, Georgia.

Roof Replacement Company In Phoenix, Arizona

Jeremy’s pride got in the way and he moved the business to Phoenix, Arizona where there was already a lot of competition in the roofing industry. Jeremy soon found out that moving his roofing company from Atlanta to Phoenix was a huge mistake. Not only was Roof Replacement Company not doing as well as it was back in Atlanta, but Jeremy had to start from scratch again. Being an entrepreneur who refuses to quit even when all hope seems lost, he did all he could to keep Roof Replacement Company up and running, but unfortunately, things didn’t work out that time around.

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Roof Replacement Company went through some tough times, but over the past few years, this company has been able to flourish and gain more and more popularity. They have produced a lot of high-quality work that has gained customers all over Phoenix who now have a lot of confidence in their ability to perform top-notch work. With all the money they have made so far, it’s clear that Roof Replacement Company is here to stay.

Today, Roof Replacement Company not only practices their trade-in Phoenix, but they also have several crews all around the country. Roof Replacement Company is currently ranked among the best roofing companies in the entire United States and Jeremy has expanded his business to a point where he decided to step down from his position as a CEO and focus more on being a consultant for new businesses. He is currently working closely with three different companies: Roof Replacement Company, Glass Companies of America, and Roofing Contractors in Phoenix.

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Preferred Phoenix roofing company to homeowners, builders, and remodelers: Roof Replacement Company specializes in residential roof repair and green roof installation. We are the largest roof contractor in Arizona and have been serving the residents of Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and more since 2006. All work is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty on all installations.


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