Hat styles that you can wear daily!

Hat styles
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Back in the day, hats were famous for their head coverage and protection from harsh weather conditions. Worn occasionally, they were a rare sight. But in recent years, the fashion world has witnessed a significant comeback of trendy hat styles that are worn for protection and coverage and are fashion statements. 

Hats have become a significant part of outfits and get widely adorned as accessories. Below are a few hat options that can help you hop on the hat trend that has taken the fashion realm by storm. 

Bobble hats or birettas 

Widely popular as a toque, these hats featured a pom-pom on the top and got earlier worn by the Russian clergy as birettas. Among other womens hat styles, the toque is one the most popular fashion accessories this winter. The cap stays tightly fitted over the head and is similar to a beanie.  However, it features a bobble at the top. Pom-pom hats can give a pop of jazz to your dull winter outfit and are available in a broad spectrum of sizes, hues, and shapes. If you are looking for something that would go well with all your winter outfits, you can opt for neutral shades. 


Fashionistas have reclaimed fedoras as the classic accessory. The hat style can help you make a confident fashion statement, regardless of size, color, or fabric. Fedoras feature short brims, with unique ribbon styles at the base and folded top. 

You can pair your fedora with trousers, jeans or even jumpsuits.  

Fedoras, but with wider brims 

Fedoras with wider brims are also known as safari hats. The hat style is another trendy accessory item in the fashion industry. It features center dents, high crowns, and wide brims. Often made of felt or wool, the hat style is perfect for winters. 

Schoolboy Hats

Newsboy caps are widely famous for casual as well as fancy looks. Often called the schoolboy hat, the vibe of this style mainly depends on the material, pattern, and color.  

Zhivago Hats 

Zhivago hats are perfect for keeping you warm during the harsh colder months. But it is also a stylish fashion statement for women, owing to its name, inspired by a particular movie. You can pair the fur box hot with regular everyday clothes, adding a little touch of fancy to your outfit. 

Trapper Hat

Another winter style trend includes the trapper hat. It is cute, as well as perfect for outdoors at colder locations. The trapper hat gets inspired by the classic hunter’s cap and comes out of leather, suede, or shearling. You can take your tapper hat to skating rinks as well as the forest for hikes! 

Military Hat

Wonderfully known as the peaked hat, military hats for women are inspirations taken from the people in uniform, including pilots, captains, and military men. Also known as a cadet hat, the style features a soft, flat top with think material at the crown base. Often the bottom has intricate details decorated at the crown. Military hats can give you the perfect jaunty attire when paired with jeans. 


A tightly knit beanie is something essential for almost every wardrobe. You can pair your beanie with nearly any outfit and also have it as a solution to fix bad hair days. You can also leave your hair open, sport a beanie, giving fun and youthful vibes. You can find a wide range of beanies available in different patterns and colors according to every individual’s style. Beanies add a cute touch to any winter outfit and look fantastic when used as an accessory for casual weekend attire. 

Slouchy beanies 

Slouchy beanies are incredibly similar to regular beanies. But the slouchy counterpart is more face-framing and also features extra fabric on top. The style gives off relaxed vibes and is perfect to wear on winter weekends with puffer coats. 

Beret Hats 

Widely popular in Spanish and French culture, berets have made a comeback as fashion statements, and boy, do they look fabulous! Beret hats get tightly placed at the top of the head but with a bit of tilt. It is made of cotton or soft wool, making it extremely comfortable as well as stylish. Pairing a beret can help enhance your outfit instead of taking away the entire focus. Beret hats look lovely with almost everything: pleated skirts, pantsuits, or sweater dresses; even a denim outfit can stay upgraded with a beret addition.   

Cowboy Hats

Traditionally people wore cowboy hats with western outfits. But long gone are those days; cowboy hats look good with all dress expectations. You can wear the style with almost every outfit, and you don’t even have to be a wrangler to do that! However, cowboy hats look amazing with fancier outfits that scream class. Pair with a cashmere sweater and a fur vest to look your best! 

The wide variety of hats styles can be zealously overwhelming, but it is acceptable to find something that suits you and compliments your face shape! 


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