Features You Should Look Out For When Buying a Razer Gaming Keyboard


A keyboard has almost as many different features as there are types of keyboards. There are mechanical keyboards, in which the keys are physically connected to each other and the switches underneath them. This makes for a faster response and increased durability. Third-party software is available that allows users to configure their keyboard on a wide variety of aspects such as macro programming, adjusting keybindings, and modifying profiles for specific games or apps. Gaming keyboards are also available and they provide increased durability as well as additional functionality. Gamers need to be able to quickly react to their opponent’s every move and this is done with the help of a great gaming keyboard. Razer has been a leading manufacturer of gaming keyboards for years, and this article will go through the features you should look out for when buying a good Razer gaming keyboard.


The performance of these keyboards relies on their mechanical switches. There are options available to the user when it comes to choosing mechanical keys. Razer offers both linear switches and tactile switches. The linear switches are used in membrane keyboards and they provide a quiet and fluid typing experience. The tactile switches are made for gamers and they provide physical feedback every time a key is pressed. These users will also find a great benefit in anti-ghosting, which is the prevention of pressing more than one key at a time.


Mechanical keyboards can last significantly longer than other types of keyboards. This is because of the higher quality switches used within them and the absence of any electrical components which can break down more easily. In addition, users can always purchase additional parts should any of their keys break over time.


Mechanical switches are more responsive than membrane switches, which is often what you will find in most keyboards for computers and laptops. The Razer BlackWidow series offers both a tactile and a clicky feel to the user, depending on their needs. The low-profile keys are great for users who need to strike keys fast without being slowed down by having to press too hard or have them pressed by accident. This is a benefit that you will not get with membrane keyboards.

Key-by-Key Customization:

This feature is great for any gamer who wants to bind their keys or create macros, whether they are new players or advanced ones. Gamers will be able to change the color of their keyboard to match the rest of their gaming setup, as well as being able to program macros onto some of the keys. This is a great feature to have if you play games that require you to use more than one key at a time.


A great feature that any gamer will benefit from is audio or voice software. This helps players communicate with each other, and it can be used as an advantage in multiplayer games when playing against friends or strangers.


Razer is the best manufacturer of gaming keyboards, as they have both a wide selection as well as keyboards that are built to last. Gamers can benefit from a wide variety of features and preferences, no matter what type of games they play or how advanced they are.


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