Bulk Spill Prevention Devices Explained

Oil stop valves

Bulk spill prevention is a critical aspect of waste water treatment that utilizes oil stop valves to prevent bulk oil spills. This technology is constantly in a state of development and there are several types of bulk spill prevention devices in the form of oil stop valves.

  • PVC Valve – Generally used in hot climates, the PVC oil stop valves from a leading West Palm Beach supplier are efficient and economic. A single moving part automatically shuts the flow when oil is present and the connection is inside the sump.
  • Stainless Steel Valve – Meant to be used in colder climates, this in-sump valve is designed to last and works on the same principle as the PVC unit.
  • Stainless Steel Valve (Extended version) – This unit connects to the outside of the sump and is used in colder climates where rust can be an issue.

How do they work?

An oil stop valve uses a very simple process to recognize the differences between oil and water and when it detects oil hydrocarbons, the valve closes, preventing an oil spill. A weighted cylinder responds to original gravity, keeping the valve open when in water, but when oil is present, the cylinder sinks, thus closing the flow. The simplicity of the device means it is durable and does not require any maintenance. 


The features of bulk spilling prevention devices include:

  • Meet EPA requirements
  • Gravity powered, zero power requirements
  • Fail-safe design
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Positive seating

The oil stop valve is always ready to perform a critical action, shutting off the flow and it does not require electricity in order to perform its task. If you are looking to launch your own company, here are a few tips.

Essential for many businesses

The list of businesses that need bulk spill prevention is long and in West Palm Beach, there is a specialist company that offers everything you need to meet the discharge limits. Make contact and they would be happy to offer advice and they stock all the components that you might need. You simply can’t afford any slip-ups when it comes to industrial waste discharge and having the right systems in place will prevent damage to the environment. Here in Florida, PVC oil stop valves work fine and are an inexpensive emergency anti-oil spill solution; search online for a local supplier, who would also stock oil water separators.

Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA is tasked with monitoring industry as they discharge effluent into rivers, lakes and streams and there are very strict limits that must be adhered to. Of course, no one wants an oil spill and there needs to be systems in place to prevent such happenings. If you need some professional advice about bulk spill prevention devices, Google can take you to the website of a West Palm Beach supplier who has all the solutions. You can easily check the make-up and quality of drinking water in your state, which is thanks to the efforts of one of the most important government agencies.

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