Bleeding through love will kill all.

breakup, divorce, separation @ Pixabay

This is a blog post about love and how it can be the death of one’s self.

It will show that if you are not careful, letting your emotions take control over your life can lead to heartbreak or worse.

breakup, sad, couple @ Pixabay

In this blog, we will discuss what happens when someone loves with all their heart and soul but gets hurt in return.

The blog will talk about how love is a very powerful emotion .

How it can either be the best thing in your life or the worst?

It could kill you, as only true love destroys one’s self for the sake of another person.

There are many ways that people come to this conclusion, but through my personal experiences, I have learned that when someone loves you they don’t hurt you with their words or actions because they want what is best for you not themselves.

They show unconditional care even if it means going against everything else they believe in just so long as it benefits your needs at some point down the line.

This act may seem counter-intuitive on paper but truly loving someone does entail giving up something important from yourself to ensure .


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