Blast it biggs where are you.

children, study, laptop @ Pixabay

I’m looking for Blast It Biggs.

Where are you? I’ve made it my personal quest to find Blast It Biggs.

A pirate-themed puzzle game for the PlayStation Portable.

Did they cancel development or something?

Its like someone just abandoned ship with this game lol Blast IT BIGGS was developed by Sony Game Studios Japan (SGJ).

The company confirmed production on the game had ceased as of 2007.

children, study, laptop @ Pixabay

Over ten years ago now..a couple of years after launch from memory.

Which is saddening because I loved that little gem so much I’m sorry to hear this.

There’s a rumor of a remake coming up on the Sony Playstation Network so you might want to wait and see what happens with that instead!

Yeah, maybe that’s true I haven’t even looked at my psn account in months lol.

I hope they bring back blast it bigs one day tho cuz I’ve been waiting forever for them to update it( ah well I’m sure it’s not easy developing games these days.

I’ve always wanted to make my own video game too someday anyway  good luck brother.


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