Blake wants to avoid copyright infringement for material he finds online. What should he do?

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He wants to avoid copyright infringement, but doesn’t want to break any laws.

Here are three ways Blake can watch “The Office” without infringing on copyrights.

Download the episodes to his computer from YouTube, and then watch them on a video player later.

This will be illegal if Blake does not pay for the content.

* Watch “The Office” while it’s broadcast live – this is perfectly legal as long as he pays for an appropriate cable or satellite service that broadcasts NBC.

* Rent all nine seasons of “The Office” legally through iTunes at $119 – this would give him access to every episode without infringing on copyrights.

He could also buy individual episodes of “The Office.” Purchasing copies of DVDs is another option with similar pricing.

But there are downsides: It can take longer than downloading entire seasons online, it requires more space in your house.


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