Black gold cast where are they now.

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The Black Gold Cast was a show that ran on TV for 2 seasons.

It followed the lives of several people as they worked in oil fields, and it was very popular with viewers all over the world.

The cast came from all walks of life: some were rich, others poor; some had many children, others none at all but one thing that united them was their love of black gold!

After years off-air, we decided to take a look at what happened to the stars of this show since it ended. Here are our findings.

John, who was usually the voice of reason on the show, now spends his time as a pastor.

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He has never been married and lives with two of his siblings in their childhood home.

He misses some aspects of life when he was an oil worker: “I miss being out there, working hard.”

Linda runs her own restaurant after years spent cooking for thousands at the company cafeteria.

She says she’s happy to be back doing what she loves best! Linda is still single but hopes that someone wonderful will come along soon and if not, she’ll just have to find him herself!

Ricky had a rough upbringing before finding work in black gold fields and credits it with changing his life.


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