Bitter pill: why medical bills are killing us.

laboratory, test tubes, healthcare worker @ Pixabay

The American health care system is broken. It’s complex, confusing and expensive.

In this post we’ll discuss the hidden costs of medical bills:

Not just what they cost in terms of dollars and cents, but also how they can kill us.

The post continues on with the following sentences.

Medical bills can lead to bankruptcy and other financial problems.

Which often leads people to live below the poverty level or without health insurance.


Which in turn exacerbates medical costs as they delay treatment until their condition is more serious and costly.

People who are uninsured have a much higher risk of death than those that are insured because when an illness becomes too expensive for them to pay out of pocket (e.g., heart disease).

It goes untreated until it’s become life threatening.

If you think about how many trillions of dollars Americans spend each year on healthcare, these hidden costs may seem small potatoes. But there are also hidden risks: just because we don’t see these numbers written.


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