Bish where meme.

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Bish What’s a Meme?

They can be used as a type of self-expression, and are often considered humorous.

This blog post will explain what memes are and how they have evolved over the years, with examples of popular ones!

The term meme was coined in 1976 by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins.

Who defined it as a cultural item that is transmitted through repeated exposure and imitation.

In this case, the ‘meme’ refers not just to an image but also videos and text-based jokes like those found in memes with captions.

Memes typically don’t have any original meaning behind them.

They’re often used simply because of how funny they are (i.e.: ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’) or what their caption says (i.e.: ‘It’s too late’). 


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