Bipolar neurons are commonly .

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Bipolar neurons are commonly found in the part of your brain that controls.

They serve as a connection between different parts of the brain.

When you see an advertisement for a product or service.

Your bipolar neurons will help determine how much you like it and whether or not you should buy it.

This blog post talks about how to increase conversion rates by targeting these cells with specific messages designed to be more appealing than other ads.

It also includes scientific research that reveals exactly which types of words trigger impulses in the bipolar neurons.

And can help you better reach your target market.

This blog post discusses how a company called  is creating an interactive experience for children.

Focusing on helping them understand their mental health issues and fight stigma through storytelling, art therapy, or mindfulness activities.

In order to create this meaningful experience, they have partnered with experts from Harvard University’s School of Education as well as clinicians at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Depression Clinical and Research Program.

The Bipolar Nerve knows the power behind education when it comes to understanding one.


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