Biomedical waste at shands/uf is transported by.


The University of Florida’s Biomedical Waste is transported by Shands,.

But can also be picked up at your location.

UF biomedical waste includes laboratory animal carcasses and housekeeping refuse such as disposable gloves, paper towels, washcloths and other materials that are contaminated with blood or body fluids.

This post will go over the process of transporting biomedical waste from the University of Florida to a landfill site in a timely manner.

A Certified Professional Trucking Company collects bio-medical waste from various properties on campus including.

The College Of Pharmacy; Engineering Building C (EBC); Institute for Food & Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) – Subtropical Research Station; and Malcom Randall VA Medical Center .

Once collected all material is taken to a landfill site in a timely manner.

molecule, virus, bug @ Pixabay

Most of the time biomedical waste is transported by Shands’ drivers specifically trained to handle this type of refuse.


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