Bill expends 2,500 kilocalories per day. What amount of kilocalories will be from basal metabolism?

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Bill spends 2,500 kilocalories per day.

What amount of these will be from basal metabolism?

Explanation: Bill spends about half of his kilocalories every day through basal metabolism, which is the amount of energy needed to maintain essential body functions.

These include the heart beating and breathing at a normal rate.

This means that in order for him to lose weight.

He needs a deficit of 500-700 kilocalories per day above what he burns by just living each day.

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Bodies have different metabolisms depending on their height and weight so it’s not possible to estimate how many calories you’ll burn based off your height or weight alone .

But if you’re looking for estimations there are calculators online that can help give an idea like this one from mental floss.

It estimates 400-4500 Calories burned over the course of a day for women who are about five feet tall and weigh 150 pounds.

A person’s basal metabolic rate is the number of kilocalories.

They need to maintain their body functions every day, which includes breathing, blood circulation, maintaining bodily temperature, etc.

The amount varies based on size: taller people need more energy than shorter people.

Because it takes more calories keep their bodies moving at an even rate.

Bigger people require more energy than smaller ones because it needs to sustain heavier weight.

It also changes as we get older – our metabolism slows down over time due to inactivity or illness.

There are calculators available online that can estimate how many calories you’ll burn based off your height and/or weight like this one from Mental.


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