bigger is better,

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In the world of e-commerce, size matters. We’ve all grown accustomed to this fact in our buying habits and often will gravitate towards a larger package if it’s an option. But what about when you’re trying to ship your products? Which size should you choose? The answer might surprise you! -The preferred size for most items is a Medium package, which measures 53″ x 46″x 46″. This size offers the best balance between cost and convenience. -Large packages are great if you’re shipping heavy or bulky products such as furniture of other large objects that would not fit into a medium sized box. Smaller shipments will likely need to be shipped in these types of boxes as they come with different fees depending on weight and dimensions. -If it’s just one or two small items then don’t worry about sizing at all! Just select the smallest option available when trying to ship your product so we can help keep costs down even more for you. The smaller packaging options usually start around $0.16 each


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