big plans why don’t we,

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The song “Big Plans” by Why Don’t We is a great example of how to use the power of suggestion. The lyrics are simple and straightforward, telling people that they should have big plans with their lives. This may seem like an obvious statement, but it is not always easy for people to think about what their future might look like when things are difficult in the present. The lyrics also have a hopeful tone that is suitable for the message. The song’s chorus contains an example of how to use repetition in order to create something memorable: “Big plans, big dreams.” The vocals are gentle and comforting, which helps encourage people who may be discouraged by their current situation. Why Don’t We isn’t just encouraging listeners with this song; they’re suggesting what could happen if you work hard enough. They present it as not only being possible but probable when combined with effort on your part. It doesn’t matter where you start or even if things seem impossible right now – there’s always room for improvement. This is a great idea because often times people feel like giving up before they’ve really tried at all


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