beyond scared straight where are they now,

photographer, lens, camera @ Pixabay

In the 1980s, Beyond Scared Straight was a documentary series that showed how juvenile delinquents were rehabilitated by being taken to prisons. The show became very popular and now there is a new season airing on TV. But what happened to the kids featured in the original show? We will be discussing this topic in detail below! The original episode in the Beyond Scared Straight series featured a group of juvenile delinquents that were taken to prisons. It was an attempt by law enforcement officials and correctional staff to show how these people could be rehabilitated, or at least deter them from committing crimes again. The first person we meet is Enrique Acosta who had been arrested for burglary and robbery when he was only thirteen years old. He says that his father “was really violent” as well as being abusive which played into his decision-making process later on in life. When he meets with two gang members they give him some advice: never admit anything under any circumstances because it makes you look weak; don’t let anybody know where you live or what your


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