beyonce why don t you love me lyrics,

i love me, text, words @ Pixabay

I’m not the type to miss you, but I do. Even though we’re apart, a part of me has grown attached to your heart. And when you think of me, please don’t forget that I still love you. I miss the way you used to make me laugh. And how your eyes would light up every time I said something funny. I miss when we watched TV or a movie, just being in each other’s arms and feeling so content with our lives together. But most of all, I miss hearing your voice through my phone call telling me that everything will be okay. It gets harder to believe what you say now though since this pain has become greater than anything else before it. Like there was no end in sight for us at one point but now there is nothing left but an “until next time”. A part of me wants to give up on us because even if love persists, its been too long since you


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