bewitched mrs stephens where are you,

bag, book, man @ Pixabay

“Where is Mrs. Stephens?” asked the little girl who was looking for her kindergarten teacher. The room of five-year olds looked around in confusion and shrugged their shoulders. “I haven’t seen Mrs. Stephens all day,” said one student with worry on his face, “She’s never late!” “She’s always here to help us with our math,” said another. “Mrs. Stephens wouldn’t miss a day of school!” exclaimed the first student, looking at his watch and realizing she had been gone for nearly an hour. The children started to panic, they didn’t know what to do without their teacher around! The little girl who asked about Mrs. Stephens tried calling her mom but couldn’t get through because the phone lines were down from all those people trying desperately to reach someone that morning after planes crashed into tall buildings in New York City on September 11th 2001 ~~ It was only later when everyone learned about the terrorist attack that they realized why there weren’t any adults around: They had been called


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