beware of the man who speaks in hands,

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In the summer of 1993, I was working in a small town as an intern at my father’s law firm. I had just turned 18 and was excited about the prospect of being fully licensed to practice law after graduation. On this particular day, our office received a call from a woman who said she needed help with her marital situation. The conversation did not go well and ended abruptly when she hung up on us. My father instructed me to pull out the file for that case so he could review it before we took any action; however, there was no record of this woman or her husband anywhere in our files! We went back through every single client file but found nothing that matched what this caller told us about their marriage. As it turns out, my father had been looking for the file in his office and not at our law firm. The next day we got another call from this woman who was still angry but more calm than before. She asked to have a meeting with us because she would like some help sorting things out with her marriage. My dad called me into his office to discuss what he wanted me to say during that meeting – I remember him telling me “say as little as possible.” We scheduled an appointment time then we both waited for the phone to ring again so we could leave work early! That night when I walked home from work, feeling discouraged about how unprofessional I acted earlier on in the summer, it started raining hard. The sky lit up momentarily


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