beverly hills cop cast where are they now,

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The original Beverly Hills Cop movie was released in 1984. It starred Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley, a Detroit detective who is exiled to California and must work with the local police to solve a case involving the murder of his best friend’s father. The film was directed by Martin Brest and grossed $234 million at the box office worldwide. This article looks back on those famous actors from that classic comedy movie 25 years later, where are they now? -Axel Foley: Eddie Murphy had the lead role in Beverly Hills Cop and played a Detroit cop exiled to California. He reprised his role for three sequels, but hasn’t been involved with recent discussions of a fourth film. In 2015 he voiced an animated version of himself on The Simpsons episode “The Day the Earth Stood Cool.” -John Taggart: John Ashton was cast as Axel’s best friend Billy Rosewood and also appeared in all four films. After leaving Hollywood behind, he went into construction management and farming before retiring at age 55 due to health reasons. Ashton passed away from lung cancer last year at age 72. His son David is carrying on his father’s legacy by running their organic farm near Toronto where


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