Best doctor who novels.

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Doctor Who is one of the most popular and longest running science fiction television series to date.

The show has been on since 1963, with only a short interruption in 1989.

Throughout its 50-year history, Doctor Who has introduced many new characters.

Concepts that have become iconic symbols of British culture around the world.

There are also over 1 billion TV episodes that have aired since 2005 alone!

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This blog post will provide information about some of the best Doctor Who novels available today for purchase on Amazon! Doctor Who and the Crusaders (by Tony Lee).

A new adventure set in 12th century Europe.

Where a secret order of knights are sworn to protect Christendom from Saracen invaders.

As they travel through Byzantium, Asia Minor and Palestine itself, will it be possible to clear Kenneth’s name before their enemies catch up?

All this plus cameos from Doctor Who characters past and present make this book perfect reading for fans of both historical fiction AND science-fiction.


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