Best coast where the boys are.

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“This is the best coast, the one where all the boys are.”

This quote from Lonely Island’s song “I’m on a Boat” sums up what it feels like to be a guy in California.

The sun has never shined brighter than when you’re tanning at Venice Beach with your friends.

You can’t help but feel pumped up for another day of surfing and skating at Huntington Beach.

With warm weather year-round, there isn’t much better than going to Coachella or Stagecoach Festival every spring break!

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This is a paragraph about how much we like California.

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The weather is amazing all year long.

You can go surfing or skating in Huntington Beach with your friends any time of day, or do some off-roading at Lake Perris for an afternoon!

We think that if you’re looking for a new destination vacation spot then look no further than right here in sunny southern California!

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