Best all you can eat sushi Los Angeles.

sushi, japanese, asian @ Pixabay

Ever wanted to try the best sushi in Los Angeles?

Look no further than All You Can Sushi.

Not only is it delicious, but it also has incredible deals for those who want to eat all day long!

We dare you to find a better deal for fresh seafood that won’t break your wallet. 

The food is fresh and served as soon as it’s ready, unlike some restaurants that serve pre-prepared sushi.

You can order a la carte or from the all you can eat menu for an unbelievable price.

There are so many dishes to choose from!

A few of our favorites include buttered eel with garlic sauce, shiitake mushrooms stuffed in shrimp wrapped around crabmeat, cucumber shaped seaweed salad roll filled with tuna topped off with soy sauce flavored mayo (this one is actually made by us!).

Salmon roe on top of rice balls mixed with egg yolk and dashi broth, ikura over steamed white rice sprinkled lightly with salt & pepper flakes.


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