Bessie smith nobody knows you when you’re down and out.

music sheet, in a shadow, flute @ Pixabay

Nobody knows you when you’re down and out.

Bessie Smith sang the blues in her song, “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out.”

It is a sad but true sentiment that nobody cares about you until they see what’s on the outside.

In this blog post, we will explore how to show your best self online so people know who you are before clicking through to your website!

You might be feeling like no one really wants to read anything about what it takes for an author or blogger to succeed with their writing career.

But I assure you – there IS someone out there waiting for just such information! And if not?

Well then maybe YOU’RE the someone who needs this article as much as anyone.

As an author, you might feel like what is on the outside means everything – your words are only as good as how they look and sound.

You need a great looking cover to get people interested in reading what’s inside of it.

And even though there are many ways to have a professional-looking front page with just some basic design skills.

Too often we try to do this ourselves instead of hiring someone who knows better than us!


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