Bernard wright who do you love.

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In the 60s and 70s, Bernard Wright was one of the more popular R&B singers.

His hits included “Don’t Let The Green Grass Fool You,” “The Love I Lost” and “Love Comes In All Colors.”

He has a distinctive soulful voice that was perfect for singing bluesy tunes about love in all its forms.

He is still active today, headlining at festivals and concerts around the world.

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The Love I Lost, his breakout tune and chart topper in 1975, is a mournful song about the breakup of a relationship.

Wright sings from the perspective of one lover who has been left behind by another.

He tries to understand why it had to end: “Why would you want me when we don’t talk at all/And doin’ without your love’s just like livin’ in jail?”

In contrast, he then turns around and says how much he still loves her even though she doesn’t reciprocate that feeling anymore (“I’ve got my own world but I’m lonely too”).

This type of bittersweet sentimentality was present throughout most of Wright’s songs.


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