Behrens watering can.

watering can, metal, water @ Pixabay

A watering can is a simple tool that helps you water plants in your garden.

They come in all shapes and sizes, but today we’re focusing on the Behrens watering can!

Below are 12 adjectives to describe this wonderful gardening tool.

Colorful – This watering can is available in a variety of colors, which might be perfect for the specific type of plants you want to water.

Durable – The metal Behrens garden tools are made with quality and last long enough to make it through your gardening years!

Versatile – These waterers come in multiple sizes from small up to sprinklers that stretch out over 12 feet wide.

drop of water, drop, impact @ Pixabay

Lightweight- Most designs weigh less than five pounds so they’re easy on your arm as you work all day outdoors!

Easy To Clean- You’ll only need soap and water or an abrasive pad if you get dirt stuck in tight spaces between the tubes at any time during use.


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