Behold the field in which I grow.

green, grow, grow up @ Pixabay

I am a field.

A vast, fertile field that is perfect for whatever type of crop you need to grow.

I’m here to provide the space and nutrients necessary for your needs, no matter what they are.

My soil is rich in minerals and organic materials from thousands of years ago when glaciers receded across North America’s Midwest region; fertilizing my land with their dusting of ice and snow.

The farmers who have owned me over the centuries have always been happy with my performance .

Providing them with ample crops year after year while remaining an environmentally-friendly option by reducing water use by up to 80%.

You can cultivate any kind of plant on me, because I’ll take care of it all! I’ll provide you with all the nutrients and water it needs to grow.

As well as protection from weeds or pests.

lavender, sunset, red @ Pixabay

I’m also equipped with irrigation systems for when your plants need a drink of water.

If you’re looking for an economical choice that still yields bountiful crops, then look no further than me!

Fields are perfect for growing any crop because they can be cultivated in such a way to meet the needs of what’s being grown on them.

Allowing farmers versatility in how they cultivate their fields means more prosperity and happiness among those who work the land.

The rich soil is so good at absorbing minerals and fertilizers which help sustain plant life while reducing harm done to the environment through less use of water resources by up.


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