behaviorists believe that psychologists should focus on:,

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Behaviorism is a theory of psychology that focuses on the study of individual behavior. Behaviorists believe that psychologists should focus on behaviors and not mental processes, thoughts or emotions. They also believe that psychologists should try to control for all factors in order to get an accurate result when studying behaviors. This blog post will discuss 11 benefits of behaviorism as it relates to psychology! * ~~A list of benefits follows. They are numbered for easy reference and include a brief description below each one.* ~~ -Behaviorism can be used to study animals, which is helpful in the biological sciences -It’s also used as an approach by social workers who want to improve behavioral skills in people with disabilities or mental health problems -Psychologists use behaviorism when they’re testing hypotheses about how external stimuli affect behaviors -The more psychologists know about behaviors, the better they’ll understand why different types of treatments work on their patients (and what type might work best) –This has implications for public policy decisions like educational funding and disability services So far I have written: “


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