before replacing an image drum, what should you do first?,

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You’ve been printing for a while now and you’re noticing that the quality of your prints is declining. You might not realize it, but it’s because your image drum needs to be replaced! But before you go out and replace an image drum, what should you do first? 1) Evaluate how often the HP toner cartridge is being changed. The more frequently it changes, the quicker your machine will need a new image drum. 2) Check if there are any signs of excessive wear on the drums or other parts of the printer. If so, this may indicate something wrong with your printer that can’t be fixed by just replacing an image drum. 3) Turn off all power to your printer, and then unplug the printer from any power sources. This will ensure that there is no chance of electrocution, as well as preventing damage to your new image drum. It’s also important to make sure you have all necessary materials before proceeding with this step: a screwdriver or other tools for removing panels on the machine; paper towel or lint-free cloths/paper towels; flashlight if needed; gloves (optional but recommended). Next Steps: Replace Drum Process – Images Drum Removal Video Guide, How To Easily Install an Image Drum in Your HP LaserJet Printer | Tips & Tricks, Replacing Image Drums For Printers With A Waste Toner Container In The Bottom – Unboxing


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