before making a left or right turn you should signal for at least,

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Ever been driving on a busy street and then suddenly you are faced with the decision to make a left or right turn? I bet that you signaled for at least 29 seconds before making this life changing decision. You may not have even realized it, but your brain is telling you to do so in order to avoid an accident. This is because signaling helps motorists know what other drivers are doing. It also increases visibility of your vehicle and reduces confusion during high-traffic situations. The same holds true for your motorcycle. In California, drivers must always activate their turn signals before turning or changing lanes from one direction to the other. A driver who fails to do so is guilty of a moving violation punishable by fines up to $100 and four points on his driving record. Signaling may be an easy thing that you never think about but it can have huge impacts in making sure our roads are safe! So next time you’re faced with a decision of what lane to take just remember 29 seconds and signal away! Besides, everyone knows how annoying it is when someone doesn’t signal correctly – imagine being the person behind them during rush hour traffic? You don’t want anyone’s blood pressure getting too high.”


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