before leaving your car parked on a downgrade you should,

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This post is all about preventing your car from rolling down the hill. Do you ever get frustrated when you return to find that your car has rolled down the hill and is now stuck on a busy street with traffic zooming by? There’s no need to fear, this post will provide 11 strategies for preventing your car from rolling downhill. -Lock your car’s brake. -Slide a brick or some other heavy object under the wheel opposite of which way you want to go, and use it as a stopper.  You’ll need something big enough that is not going to slide down with gravity! (Hint: if they’re on the street, then make sure there are no obstacles in their path) • Place a section of wood just behind the tire so that when pressure is applied to the pedal it will hit first before reaching any kind of incline. This should keep your vehicle from rolling downhill by using friction against an obstacle rather than braking systems acting against gravity.  If you don’t have anything around such as boards or


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