before leaving your car parked on a downgrade, you should:,

buick, oldtimer, old @ Pixabay

It is a common misconception that it is dangerous to park on a downgrade. However, there are 5 simple tips for parking on a downgrade so you can be completely safe and avoid running the risk of your car rolling away. Read this blog post before you try leaving your car parked on an incline again! -Place your car in neutral or park before putting it into gear. -Use the emergency brake when parking on a downgrade to stop the vehicle from rolling away, and ensure that there is no pressure on it. If you have an automatic transmission, this may be tricky but try engaging first gear for extra protection.-If possible park close enough to something like a wall so as not to allow any room for movement at all. You could also use some type of physical barrier if one isn’t available.-Put your wheels against a curb with about five inches between them and make sure they are angled diagonally across the road rather than parallel to each other; this prevents the car from sliding out sideways.-When parking downhill place your wheel up high next


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