before beginning a vigorous aerobic exercise routine all adults should,

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Before beginning a vigorous aerobic exercise routine all adults should, at the very least, do some walking. This is because it will help with body weight maintenance and heart health. Beyond that it can also improve mood, sleep quality, energy levels and more! If you’re still not convinced to get up off the couch and start moving around then keep reading for five more reasons why you need to add exercise into your life. -Exercise can help reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. It also helps to lower bad cholesterol levels, which is a major cause of strokes. Exercise works by releasing endorphins into your bloodstream, which makes you happier and more relaxed. -If exercise were medicine it would be considered one of the most potent drugs in existence! Research has shown that even though there are no magic exercises or pills for weight control, people who get regular aerobic activity have 50% less chance of becoming obese than those whose lifestyles involve little activity at all. Aerobic exercise promotes calorie burning through increased oxygen intake during physical movement so make sure not to go overboard on cardio if you’re going to try this approach as overdoing it will


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